New Details On The DCEU Gotham City

Thanks to Twitter user SolidSnack, we now have some new details regarding the DC Extended Universe. He managed to get his hands on the upcoming book Timeout Shortlist, Gotham and Metropolis. Here is what he has learned so far about the universe the DC Comics films will inhabit.

  • The Falcone Family does exist and is currently headed by Sofia Falcone-Mafioso. The Falcone’s own an Italian restaurant where you will be treated well, but it is advised you don’t make eye contact with the individuals in the corner booths.


  • Zatara exists and owns a magic shop that acts as a hub for the magician community. With Justice League Dark coming out in the next few years, perhaps we will get a look inside this shop, and those who do their shopping there.


  • Lucius Fox is alive and well.


  • There was a “mysterious” fear gas outbreak at some point in Gotham. So Dr. Jonathan Crane is fully active as Scarecrow now it seems.


  • The Batman is not an urban myth or legend like some rumors have stated.CayQiviW4AAo6UA
  • Batman does NOT kill like some people thought after misinterpreting producer Charles Roven’s statement from a few weeks ago.


  • Sionis, who many know as Black Mask, owns a fight club, however it does not specify which Sionis it is. I think it could be safe to say that it would be Roman. CayV5hHW4AAge3U
  • The book also hints at the existence of the Court of Owls.


  • Possibly Poison Ivy reference here.

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  • The Iceberg Lounge exists as well and is described as a “stylish and trendy” but also seems to be the mob families place of choice.


  • To go along with the Iceberg Lounge, you of course get The Penguin.


That’s all the details we have for now. We will be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out March 25, 2016.

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