The Ten Coolest DC Easter Eggs from ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’

Mar 06, 2016

Many DC fans fell in love with Arrow between seasons one and two when the show began to transition from a CW drama that had a few elements of DC lore, to a full on DC superhero show that completely embraced it’s source material’s mythos. To capitalize on that transition, the CW then introduced The Flash, which started right out of the gate as a complete, fully immersed DC show that continues to push the boundaries of how “DC-like” they can make it. The shows even got to the point to where fans expected them to crossover with the DC extended movie universe, which unfortunately did not work but, but easily could have.

Throughout the lifespan of both shows, the producers have sprinkled a ton of DC related easter eggs in their shows referencing different DC characters. The total count of easter eggs is probably way too high to feature in one article, but I have gone though and made a list of the ten coolest DC easter eggs that Arrow and The Flash have ever given us. Check them out below to see if you agree, and see if there are any you may have missed:

Not quite the Amazo we know and love, but still an an awesome nod to fans before the shows became full comic book.

10) The Amazo

Season two of Arrow started bombarding us with a slew of DC characters and lore that fans of season one never thought they were ever going to see. One of the more notable characters featured during the season was Professor Ivo, a sinister character from Oliver’s (and Sara Lance’s) five years on Lian Yu. In the comics, Professor Ivo is best known for creating DC comics villain “Amazo“, a super villain robot who took on the entire Justice League by absorbing their powers and using them against the heroes. Although Arrow did not give us a robotic super villain, it still gave us a nod to the character, but in the form of Professor Ivo’s boat. It was unfortunately still too early in the show’s run to include something as far out as a super-power absorbing robot (considering The Flash hadn’t premiered yet, super powers weren’t really a thing at that point), but if Ivo were to have been introduced these days it makes me wonder if they would have adapted Amazo more faithfully. At least comic fans got a nod to the character, and with everything else that was going on that season there probably wasn’t any room for a robotic super villain anyway. Eagle eyed fans definitely had some fun spotting the ship’s name though!

So Barry and Jax weren’t the only good people to become metahumans after all?

9) Other Heroes: Elongated Man, Fire, Atom Smasher, Damage, and Amazing Man

Although it may seem like Barry and Jax (Firestorm 2.0) were the only good guys to be effected by the particle acceleration explosion on The Flash, among the endless list of evil characters who gained their powers the same way (it seems like just about all of the people who were effected by the explosion were evil!), a scene from The Flash season one gave us a clue that that is not actually the case. Harrison Wells name drops six names of people who were also effected by the explosion – it sounded like they may have died, but that was never completely clear; casual fans of the show probably did not think much of these names, but DC fans knew better. The names were Ralph Dibny, Bea DeCosta, Al Rothstein, Grant Emerson, and Will Everett; better known as Elongated Man, Fire, Atom Smasher, Damage, and Amazing Man (respectively). Although we have still yet to meet four out of five of these characters, Al Rothstein (Atom Smasher) was featured during the first episode of season two as a villain from Earth-2. Unfortunately, Rothstein killed his Earth-1 doppleganger (making it seem like the characters mentioned by Wells in season one were not killed in the explosion), so we never got a chance to meet the potential Earth-1 hero Atom Smasher (Atom Smasher was both a hero and villain in the comics at different points). It will be cool to see if we ever eventually meet the other four!

In brightest day, In blackest night, Come to Coast City, When money’s tight. Quit trolling us, guys.

8) Ferris Air and Coast City

Throughout the span of both Arrow and The Flash, Green Lantern has been teased so much many fans swore on their lives that Hal Jordan would eventually be the next CW star after Barry Allen. Unfortunately, it does not look like that is going to ever happen, but that doesn’t change the fact all of the Green Lantern mythos eggs aren’t just plain cool. As early as Arrow season one, a Ferris Air airplane (well known from Green Lantern mythos) was seen flying over Lian Yu. Then, on The Flash pilot, Ferris Air was shown even more prominently as the airfield where Barry first tested his powers. In addition to Ferris Air, Coast City (the home of Hal Jordan) has been mentioned multiple times as well in both shows – including being the home of some of the best pizza in CW’s DC universe. In the Arrow season four premier, Oliver is even shown at a bar in Coast City, complete with a billboard that sports a motto strikingly similar to the Green Lantern oath (seen above).  I won’t get into all the rest of the times that Ferris Air and Coast City were mentioned throughout both shows, because it’s happened frequently, but by now it just seems like producers are trolling fans. Check out the rest of the Coast City eggs here, and Ferris Air eggs here

The Red Skies is a classic reference to the famous DC story Crisis on Infinite Earths.

7) Wayne Tech and Red Skies Vanish

Although Batman does not exist in the CW/DC universe, we know that Bruce Wayne (or at the very least, the Wayne family) definitely does. Thanks to the future newspaper from the pilot of The Flash, we know that in 2024 Oliver Queen’s company, Queen Industries, merges with (presumably) Bruce Wayne’s company, Wayne Tech. Maybe by 2024 Batman exists in their world, or maybe Earth-1 Bruce Wayne just happens to be nothing more than a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but unfortunately we will probably never find out. It’s still fun to theorize about though, and it still made Batman fans pee a little when they first saw it.

Also on the infamous newspaper from 2024, there is a headline that reads “Red Skies Vanish”. Casual viewers probably didn’t see this, and even if the did they probably had no idea what it is about, but in the epic DC comics event Crisis on Infinite Earths one of the major teases that something big was going to happen was that Red Skies began appearing in different stand alone stories. In addition, the Barry Allen version of The Flash ends up disappearing at the end of the event, causing the Red Skies to vanish. The headline “Flash Missing in Crisis” not only straight up says “Crisis”, but tells a story that comic fans are already quite familiar with. Barry runs fast, dies, saves the world, and then the Red Skies vanish. It will be interesting to see if the show ever goes in this direction and fulfills it’s own prophecy, or if it was truly nothing more than just a massive easter egg for DC fans.

No, Felicity Smoak never ended up being Oracle despite the show’s best efforts.

6) “I was going to go with Oracle, but it was taken”

Fans of Arrow are more than aware that the show is heavily inspired and influenced by Batman lore. So much so that main character and love interest to Oliver, Felicity Smoak, has unofficially turned into the Batman character Oracle. The original Felicity Smoak from the comics had frizzy black hair and originated in Firestorm comics – completely different from her live action version. The Arrow version, with glasses and lighter hair, was clearly inspired by Batman character Barbara Gordon, even since her first appearance. Season three episode, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”, was originally named, “Oracle”, up until right before it was going to air, and if that wasn’t enough Felicity was recently shot and bound to a wheelchair (until she magically started walking again last episode – lame). Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle, was Batman’s wheelchair bound hacker sidekick, but was apparently too big of a deal to be allowed to be featured on Arrow. In season four, episode 11, when he gives Felicity the name Overwatch, he goes as far as saying, “I was going to go with Oracle, but it was taken”. That begs the question: who was it taken by, Oliver? Huh? I’m pretty sure you’ve never met Barbara Gordon, have you? You owe us an explanation!

Jay Garrick says he knows someone from Atlantis.

5) Jay Garrick Knows Aquaman on Earth-2

In a recent episode of The Flash, Jay and Caitlin are seen talking about their plans to eventually visit Atlantis. That line, in itself, was already a cool enough easter egg, but Jay kicks it up a notch by adding a little more to it. When Caitlin suggests that is where they visit, Jay makes a passing comment that he already knows someone from there. As fans of DC comics know, Atlantis is the home to Arthur Curry; better known as Aquaman. Does this mean The Flash and Aquaman are super buddies on Earth-2, and they have already formed with Justice League? Well, probably not, or I’m sure they would have helped take down Zoom, but I like to think so because it’s it’s just so darn cool to think about.

Come on CW, now you’re just being mean teasing Hal Jordan like this.

4) The Missing Test Pilot

The Flash and Arrow didn’t stop trolling us at Ferris Air and Coast City, but both shows went as far as to dangle the character of Hal Jordan directly in front of us and quickly pull it away, much like a cat with a string toy. In the Arrow season four premier, when Oliver visits Coast City in flashbacks, we are shown a quick glance at a character with a “Jordan” pilot’s jacket on. Was this Hal, or was it his father Martin? Either way, it was pretty freaking cool. Before that, however, during on the last episodes of The Flash season one, “Rogue Air”, Barry straight up references Hal. Barry decides to bring the captured rogues to Ferris Air in Central City because it was closed. Why was it closed? Because according to Barry, “One of their test pilots went missing”. So, while Barry is busy battling Zoom and Oliver is taking on Damien Darhk, Hal Jordan is presumably chilling on Oa becoming an intergalactic crime fighter. Come back to Earth Hal, so you can finally have your own show! We know you’re out there somewhere!

Earth-2 Barry Allen has some pretty powerful friends.

3) Earth-2 Barry’s Phone List

During The Flash season two, Barry and co. visit Earth-2 to attempt rescuing Harrison Wells’ daughter Jesse, and the two part parallel world adventures, “Welcome to Earth-2”, and, “Escape from Earth-2” were packed with easter eggs and nods to DC fans. One of the coolest eggs was a quick shot of the names on Barry Allen’s phone list. Earth-2 Barry was apparently a popular guy, and although we never got a chance to meet any of these characters, (presumably) Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, and Diana Prince are all in his circle of friends. Eddie was a cool addition, and the fact Barry’s mother was alive too, and he actually got to call and speak with her, was an emotional gut punch. Now Barry just needs to meet Bruce, Hal, and Diana on Earth-1 so Batman, Green Lantern, and Batman can help him take on Zoom. If only Hal wasn’t stuck on Oa…

2) Harley Quinn

When it was first announced that the Suicide Squad was coming to Arrow during season two, it was heavily speculated which characters would be featured on the CW’s version of Task Force X. The final line up included Deadshot, Broze Tiger, Shrapnel, Amanda Waller, Diggle, and Lyla; but Deadshot, Shrapnel, and Bronze Tiger were not the only villains that A.R.G.U.S. had under lock and key. During a deleted scene from the episode, “Suicide Squad”, Diggle releases the villains from their cells, but as he goes to unlock the last cell Deadshot warns him to, “not let that one out”. We then hear Tara Strong, the voice of Harley Quinn from a few different platforms, say to Diggle, “Common chocolate puddin’, I wanna play! I wanna play!”. She also had a couple other quick lines in the episode, but this one specifically included her, “puddin'” catch phrase. Check out the deleted scene below:

(Video removed at request of YouTube)

According to Arrow actress Willa Holland, there were originally big plans for Harley, but she was the first of many DC characters that WB blocked from allowing the shows to use so she could be featured in the Suicide Squad movie exclusively. Instead, we now have dollar-store version Cupid, who unfortunately isn’t nearly as cool. The show never actually credited the character as Harley Quinn, but that is clearly who she was, and producers even confirmed that is was Harley. They were technically not allowed to use her, but they worked around it the best they could to give fans a memorable easter egg.

Among other easter eggs, a Legion of Superheroes ring is shown on The Flash as they travel to Earth-2.

1) Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes

As fans are now well aware, every time The Flash goes through the speed force – whether he’s going back in time or to a parallel Earth – you can be sure there will be some cool easter eggs to look out for. The season one finale showed us Killer Frost, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the Flash museum (among others), but the coolest eggs came when Team Flash traveled to Earth-2. About a week prior to the episode, “Welcome to Earth-2”, it was announced that The Flash would be crossing over with CBS’ Supergirl, and this episode capitalized on that announcement by showing a quick glance of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl within the speed force. If that wasn’t enough for fans, directly after showing Supergirl, an object familiar to DC fans also appeared:  a ring from the Legion of Superheroes, a team of superheroes from the 30th and 31st century. This left fans wondering – why was that there? Would the Legion of Superheroes eventually be featured on The Flash? Well, that questions was answered during a recent episode of Supergirl, “Solitude”, while Kara visits her cousin’s Fortress of Solitude. Within Superman’s Fortress, the same ring was shown, letting fans know that The Flash was actually seeing even more deeply into her universe.

So, what does this mean for the shows? Chances are this easter egg was not featured in both shows for no reason. The Legion of Superheroes has connections to many different DC characters throughout the years (check out the full list here), but more importantly the time-traveling character Booster Gold was actually known for stealing a Legion of Superheroes ring. It is unclear how the ring will come into play on either Supergirl or The Flash, or if it will even be mentioned again (I hope to God it is), but if something like this was shown so prominently on both shows we may get an idea of the importance when Barry visits National City in the upcoming crossover. We can hope!

Was Lobo referenced on Supergirl?

Honorable Mention #1: Lobo

There’s a couple reasons this egg wasn’t on the actual list: first off, it was on Supergirl. Although it wasn’t on Arrow or The Flash, it is definitely cool enough to earn honorable mention. The second reason is that it is not confirmed the reference was actually Lobo, but it certainly sounded like him. On the recent episode of Supergirl, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”, Hank and Alex are talking about intergalactic bounty hunters, and in response to Alex inquiring to Hank, “you don’t think it was him…”, about the villain of the week, the Master Jailer, Hank responds, “if he were here, we would know”. No names were mentioned, but the look on his face and the way they both were talking about him definitely made it sound like they were referencing Lobo. Check out the clip here and feel free and form your own opinion.

Rip Hunter has seen it all – apparently even Batman and Superman.

Honorable Mention #2: Rip Hunter knows the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight

This one also falls under honorable mention because it is from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In a scene where Rip Hunter tells his team of time traveling misfits (sorry, I mean Legends) the horrors of his future, he remarks that, “he has seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knight’s fall”. This line, when it first played, gave me chills because he was obviously talking about Superman and Batman. This is not the first time Bruce Wayne has been teased as being somewhere in the Arrow-verse, but it was definitely the first time that the identities of Batman and Superman themselves were directly referred to. Although he doesn’t say either of them by name, using their movie titles were smart indications for DC fans (and even the mainstream viewers) that he was talking about the World’s Finest.


So there it is – the ten coolest easter eggs that Arrow and The Flash (and Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) have given us. Did I miss any big ones you think should be on this list? Which eggs were your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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