“What If” Wednesday: ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy Secretly Started The DCEU

The fan favorite Dark Knight trilogy has been in the news recently after Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt made comments about his thoughts of how the series ended. The series did just that though, it ended. But since Robin wants to keep it in the conversation lets ask the question, what if it didn’t end?

DC Entertainment has been vastly criticized for trying to follow the Marvel superhero formula of success but with about 6 years to make up for as Marvels Cinematic Universe was launched in 2008 with IronMan and DC following suite in 2013 with Man Of Steel. But had The Dark Knight Trilogy launched the DCEU that would have put them in the lead by 3 years as Batman Begins was released in 2005. Marvel Released their whole first phase of movies before the DCEU officially got started but what do we know about the DCEU. When we meet Superman we get his whole origin. After a subpar adaptation of the character in Superman Returns one can understand why they would introduce the “Man Of Steel” without immediately connecting him to a greater universe in case he fell as flat as Brandon Routh. Now, after Superman takes to the skies, a sequel is immediately green lit and Man Of Steel 2 is announced. That is until someone at WB decides they need to pick up the slack and get the ball rolling towards their own super team and decide having Superman share the screen with their only other successful character is the best way to do so.

Now that our Superman sequel has become Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, everyone starts to clammer in both excitement and nervousness. Coming off of arguably the best Superhero trilogy, even compared to the Marvel slate, Batman could either keep the momentum rolling or end up the latest stain on the DC resume. Most fans were optimistic but reports that we would get introduced to an older, veteran version of Batman did not help. Fast forward to the events of BVS and not only has Bruce been masquerading around in the bat suite for some time already but we also see the mantle paying tribute to Robin who appears to be killed by Joker if the HAHAHA painted across the suit was any indication.

Now this is where we are in the grey. Batman was obviously doing his vigilante thing while Clark was growing up in Smallville. So if in 2013 Clark is in his early 20’s and discovering who he is and in 2016 Bruce is about mid 40’s then even in this universe, Bruce would have been young 30’s circa 2005. The Dark Knight Rises, which takes place in 2012, ends with Batman supposedly sacrificing himself to save Gotham from a nuclear bomb but we are shown that isn’t quite the case when Alfred sees Bruce having lunch after his “funeral”. So what are we truly left with? A young Robin finds the bat cave, Bruce is very much alive and we know he tried the whole retiring thing before and just can’t seem to get that down so one can only assume he would be back and this time with help.

What if Bruce comes back from vacation, trains a young Robin who is taken out into the field prematurely? What if they are met by a Jered Leto Joker who took up the mantle after Heath Ledgers character was taken out of play by Batman in the Dark Knight? What if this all just happened over the past year and thats why we now are met by a very raw, jaded Bruce who takes his blame and frustration out on Superman because he hasn’t had time to truly deal with it?

Of course it’s all a stretch. The idea that they recast these characters and we are just told to pretend it was the same people the whole time would be hard for any fan to get behind(I’m looking at you National Lampoon Vacation Series). But if you put the whole story together and are willing to be unbiased for good or bad you can not tell me it is impossible.

With that being said I’m sure you all want to tell me just how impossible it is, so leave us a comment below!

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