DC Films’ DEATHSTROKE News – A Complete Roundup

Sep 04, 2016


UPDATE: Joe Manganiello has officially been confirmed to play Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe.

It’s been a whirlwind on the DC Films front as of last Monday, since the big Deathstroke reveal by Ben Affleck via his Twitter. Let’s rewind and dissect the reveal, along with the following Justice League and Batman movie reports, apparent leaks, Suicide Squad 2 and that Joe Manganiello casting rumor.

The Reveal

Out of the blue on Monday morning, Ben Affleck tweeted the following, with no caption, context, or even audio.

Slade Wilson.


Before we get into the subsequent reports (primarily a certain Batman-villain one), there’s something you may have missed in the footage. Remember when the camera panned away from the screen for a moment? Look:

I won’t speculate on whether this means something or if it’s just a wink at fans, but it’s worth including. It’s something to either think about, or get a laugh from.

A Justice League Appearance

Something we do know for certain, is that the footage we’ve seen is from the set of Justice League. Confirmed by several reporters who visited the set last June, Deathstroke is standing in the ‘Flying Fox’, a helicarrier-like vehicle which acts as the Justice League’s temporary headquarters in the film.

And remember that behind-the-scenes photo released in February, which had fans speculating for weeks on end as to which character the unfinished black suit belonged to? It’s now looking very likely that it belonged to Deathstroke himself.


How Slade Wilson fits into Justice League is a mystery as of now, but I’m willing to bet it won’t be a significant role, with the film’s focus being on Steppenwolf and the Parademons. It’s likely his appearance may just be at the film’s start, as an opening introduction to one or more members of the League (say, Batman and Wonder Woman?), thereby establishing and setting him up for future appearances in later films. Which brings us to…

The Batman Movie Villain

Soon after the footage dropped, Umberto Gonzalez (of The Wrap) dropped his own big news – that the villain of Ben Affleck’s upcoming solo Batman film will be none other than Deathstroke. This may come across as the timing being a bit too convenient, however Gonzalez does have a track record of his scoops being correct when it comes to the big stories like this.

Another thing to note, is that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns were allowed make certain changes to the Justice League script in order to set up the solo Batman film. It therefore makes sense to assume that if the rumors are true, Deathstroke’s appearance in Justice League may act as a teaser for his showdown in the Batman movie.


Batman vs Deathstroke, in Batman: Arkham Origins

A Suicide Squad 2 Appearance

There’s been several rumors and supposed leaks over the past few months involving DC Films. One of which, consistently featuring in a number of 4chan leaks, is that Deathstroke will have a role in Suicide Squad 2 (with some going as far to confirm him as antagonist). It should be taken with a grain of salt, but also worth taking into account, given it being one of the most consistent things mentioned among every apparent leak.

Will Joe Manganiello play Deathstroke?



Rumors for Manganiello playing Slade Wilson have been around a while now – close to a year actually, at first supposedly to play the role in Suicide Squad. These rumors have recently come to the forefront again – however this time, there’s plenty of evidence to back them up. Or at least, some interesting coincidences.

Joe Manganiello is currently in London, where Justice League is filming. He just followed Zack Snyder on Twitter, a move which has surprisingly outed actors in the past as being cast in certain films. And as well as this, he’s sporting a very specific haircut…

If he has been cast, this isn’t the first time he’s danced around a DC Films role – Zack Snyder has already shown interest in him before; Manganiello was apparently Snyder’s first choice for Superman in Man of Steel, the part then going to Henry Cavill. And according to Collider, he was also in talks for Batman himself in Batman v Superman.

Some Thoughts

Regarding his role in the Batman solo film, I think it’s unlikely. It contradicts previous confirmations of the film’s tone as “a dark detective story”, along with the ever-prevailing Arkham Asylum rumors. Maybe I’m wrong though. I’d like to be.

If we were to assume each rumor regarding a film appearance is true, it’d make a great progression for the character across the DC Extended Universe. A small role in Justice League, for him to appear in the Batman film as the main threat, followed by him being in Suicide Squad 2 following his (assumed) incarceration. After appearing in three seperate films, it may not be too far fetched for Slade to feature in his own solo film. He’d certainly have the fanbase by then.

I’ll conclude this with a video – the now infamous Batman: Arkham Origins trailer, in which Deathstroke takes on the Batman.

Have some thoughts you’d like to add? Comment below, let’s talk!


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