GREEN LANTERN: Dornan Debunked, Evidence for Armie Hammer!

Dec 02, 2016

There’s been a surprising amount of Green Lantern-related rumors and reports lately – here’s something to give a little clarification, and something to add to the mix.

Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap, usually the source of all movie-related Green Lantern news in recent times, tweeted the following:

Given that the rumor didn’t come from him, you could take his denial with the same grain of salt you might have taken the original rumor with – however, Geoff Johns himself, writer at DC Comics and now heavily involved in the film side of DC Entertainment, ‘liked’ the tweet.

It appears Jamie Dornan will not be playing DC Films’ Green Lantern.

Who Will?

green lanternSpeaking of Geoff Johns, he just followed Armie Hammer on Twitter – followed by Hammer returning the favor. It’s a small thing to go on, however it was who-followed-who that (most recently) outed Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, long before the official announcement.

(UPDATE: Joe Manganiello has also now followed Armie Hammer’s Twitter page, leading some to speculate that perhaps he’ll be joining Manganiello in Ben Affleck’s Batman solo film.)

Hammer’s been rumored (and requested by fans) before for the character, and has danced around DC film roles before. He once went as far to signing on to play Batman in the Justice League: Mortal movie, which resulted in production being cancelled.

Johns is also known as the writer of almost ten years of Green Lantern storylines, reviving the concept and character (quite literally), practically creating the modern-day Green Lantern mythos. Having taken a Kevin Feige-like role in Warner Bros’ DC Films division, he would understandably have a heavy personal interest in the character.

While none of this points specifically to the role of Green Lantern, many fans are hoping (and some assuming) it to be the case – Hammer seems perfect for the role of Hal Jordan, both in looks and charisma (although Booster Gold is another popular choice).

One a final note, while this is all circumstantial, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s been the outing factor before, from Joe Manganiello to Flash director Rick Famuyiwa (who has since dropped off the project).

And in response to the frenzy among hawk-eyed DC Twitter fans, the now-infamous BossLogic has given his interpretation of what Hammer might just look like as Green Lantern:

Disappointed Jamie Dornan won’t be playing Green Lantern? Hoping Armie Hammer will be? Comment below, let’s talk!

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