Top 5 Villains That Should Be Used For ‘Nightwing’ Film!

Feb 24, 2017

With the exciting confirmation that a ‘Nightwing’ movie is actually in the works with Chris McKay directing and producing the upcoming DC film, we’ll be compiling a list of villains that is suitable for not only the movie, but also the universe that the DCEU has so far built.


First on our list is the fearful and insane villain known as Scarecrow. Before anyone says he’s an exclusive Batman villain, we already know. Then again, Dick Grayson and Scarecrow have faced off several times in the past seeing as any villain of Batman’s, automatically becomes a villain for almost all the Bat-Family members. He is a scary and deranged villain who induces his opponent with a terror-gas which allows them to see their worst nightmare come true. Scarecrow would be a perfect villain if the upcoming ‘Nightwing’ film is based on the early stages of the hero, it would put him to the test and really pass on his limitations. His story begun as a result of an abusive upbringing that left him forever traumatized. Dr. Jonathon Crane, although deranged, is truly a genius professor of psychology and a clinical psychologist.


Next on our list is a rather underrated villain who is pretty damn awesome. After getting sick of vigilantes loosely becoming rampant in Gotham City, he creates his own persona known to be as Paragon. He teams up with two of his friends, the Strayhorn brothers in organizing ordinary citizens who have been caught in the crossfire of vigilantes, naming them the Republic of Tomorrow. Paragon is a villain who looks to take down vigilantism in “his city” as he doesn’t see them as heroes, and rather sees them as villains. Paragon is seen as equal to Nightwing’s abilities when the two cross paths in their fighting skills and even acrobatics. This would be a great advantage if the movie was to show how smart and how capable Nightwing really is to taking the mantle of Batman if it ever came to that.


Next on our entry is the villain known as Raptor. Freshly created villain, Raptor, is a freelance assassin, who was recruited by the Parliament of Owls and was assigned to becoming the partner of Night during the “Better Than Batman” story arc. Similarly to Nightwing, Raptor was a circus perform as a kid, whose circus operated in Paris. Raptor grew up in a poor family, with little money which became a growing issue for him after it was discovered that he was contracted with Leprosy as kid, callouses covered his body and he stopped being able to feel pain. He was pushed away from everyone he knew and ended up alone. Now there is an interesting connection between Raptor and the Grayson family. Raptor falls in love with Mary, who eventually gets married to John Grayson, however even when she left Raptor. He promised to watch over her, and so he blames her death on himself as he wasn’t able to prevent it. The only difference between Raptor and Nightwing is that Dick had the billionaire Bruce Wayne take him in while Raptor was all alone. Raptor is spectacular in his fighting skills, so good that he has beaten Nightwing the majority of times they’ve fought, he has even fought Deathstroke and held his own.

Red Hood

Who better to make the fight personal than Red Hood? Probably Batman… Jason Todd would be an excellent choice if the movie is meant to have a personal/emotive feel to it. Red Hood and Nightwing don’t see eye to eye much, in fact they spend most of their time fighting. Red Hood and Nightwing are almost equals in their fighting skills considering they were both trained by Batman himself. Red Hood has always been kind of jealous of Nightwing and Bruce’s treatment of him. Red Hood is a vengeful vigilante who seeks to take the life of The Joker in the comics after he was the cause of his “death”. Nightwing and Red Hood were the first to take the mantle of Robin, they both fought alongside Batman and they’re both part of the Bat-Family. They’ve both lost so many people due to their duties and they both relate in many ways. Red Hood would be an excellent villain for a emotional story.


Slade Wilson is an inevitable choice, the two have a very long history which dates back to the classical days of the Teen Titans. Deathstroke is basically like Batman except not at all merciful. Slade has done more than physical damage to Grayson but he has also emotionally damaged him, for instance, at one point Deathstroke dropped a nuclear powered super villain called Chemo on Bludhaven, which at the time had Nightwing as its protector. The explosion killed over 100,000 citizens. He has fought and emotionally destroyed the Teen Titans after having killed one of its members, Jericho. It would be like Nightwing preparing to fight a worse version of Batman.

We are extremely hyped for the ‘Nightwing’ film and we will keep you informed of any information that comes on behalf of the movie. Do you agree with our list though? If not, who would you like to see take on Nightwing?

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