‘Wonder Woman’ Compared To ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Superman: The Movie’

Wonder Woman will be out this week! The hype surrounding the film has been high, and many comparisons have been made to other DC movies. Rightfully so, this film is poised to put the DCEU back on track.

Cinematographer Matthew Jensen recently spoke about the pressure involved in making the movie.

Every day seemed like a challenge because it was such a big and complicated movie.

Just the knowledge that we were doing Wonder Woman’s story, solo, a movie that a lot of people had been trying to get off the ground for over 20 years, and she is one of the pop culture icons, so there was a lot of pressure on us to do it correctly. We were setting out to make something close to Richard Donner’s Superman or Batman Begins. We wanted to do her story that kind of justice so every day felt like we had that monkey on our back.

He also spoke about the debut of Diana’s full powers, comparing it to Chris Reeves revealing the Superman “S” for the first time.

I’m certainly hoping a lot of the battle scenes [will blow people away], and Wonder Woman’s first emergence where she uses all of her abilities is pretty spectacular…It’s later on. You’re gonna have to wait on it a little bit but I think that’s good. I think it’s akin to, again, Christopher Reeve opening up his shirt and revealing the ‘S’ for the first time. That happens at about an hour into that movie and same thing with Christian Bale, he finally says ‘I am Batman’ about an hour into the movie and I think ours is similar.

Between the reviews so far, and all of the hype that has been built up, this film is promising to be a great addition for the DCEU.

Make sure to check out Wonder Woman, in theaters June 2nd, 2017!

Source: Comic Book Movie

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