‘Black Panther’ Producer Talks Skipping Traditional Origin Story!

Captain America: Civil War gave fans their first look at the Black Panther character. He will soon be getting his solo film, but it won’t be an origin story! According to Producer Nate Moore, the movie will take place after Civil War, showing what consequences  T’Challa has to deal with.

Moore spoke about the film recently in an interview with Complex. Check it out!

What’s great is that people have already met Chadwick [Boseman] in Civil War, so now we get to jump in feet first without having to tell a more traditional origin story. We meet him as his world is changing. Black Panther takes place right after the events of Civil War, so T’Challa’s father has just been killed, he has returned home to Wakanda, and T’Challa has to navigate potentially becoming the new ruler of this nation. He never intended to become the king for years because he figured his dad would be around for a long time. T’Chaka’s death is, in a lot of ways, the catalyst for everything that’s happening in Black Panther.

T’Challa was certainly thrown into the ring so to speak, after the death of his Father. Expect some crazy things to go down in Wakanda when the film comes out!

Pumped for the Black Panther movie? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant


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