Deadpool 2: Check Out Josh Brolin’s Cable Haircut!

The Deadpool sequel is something fans have been excited for since the first film dominated. While Ryan Reynolds took full charge of the character, he had some support on set. The sequel promises to include even more characters, one such, being Josh Brolin’s rendition of Cable!

Nathan Summers/Cable is an important mutant from the X-Men comics, and will be joining Deadpool in his next film. The casting choice, which was revealed just a few short months ago, was a little bit of a surprise. Brolin will not only be taking on the role of Cable, but was already pegged as Thanos for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie.

While pulling two big roles may seem difficult, Brolin seems up to the challenge. Likewise, he’s taking his new role as Cable seriously, as found in one of his latest Instagram posts! The Actor has donned a tight haircut, similar to that of Cable from the comics, check it out below!

While we’re still away from the full on Cable vibe (costume and all), this is certainly a solid step forward. If this doesn’t start to get you more hyped for the sequel, what will?

Make sure to check back here for more Deadpool 2 news!

Source: Screen Rant


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