The Flash: Possible Season Four Villain Revealed?!

Jun 02, 2017

For those who have followed the ending of the second half of season 3, you would know that Clifford DeVoe has been teased twice.

As of right now, there isn’t much details to go on, and the report by TVLine. Interestingly enough though, the report does suggest that the foe will be squaring off with Barry Allen, indicating that he’ll be returning from the Speed Force “prison” pretty early on.

For those who don’t know, it was confirmed earlier in season 3 by producers that The Flash‘ season 4 villain won’t be a speedster. The producers hadn’t given much more information, nevertheless, the season finale has repeated the same hint that was given to us in episode 18, otherwise titled ‘Abra Kadabra’. Savitar mentioned a “cerebral inhibitor” that was going to play a big role in defeating a foe they hadn’t yet met.

When Abra Kadabra himself spoke to The Flash about his most dangerous foes, he mentioned: Zoom, Eobard Thawne and of course “DeVoe.”

Who Is DeVoe?

The Flash villain was created in 1943, making him one of the earliest villains. Initially, DeVoe was a foe to Jay Garrick – the first Flash. DeVoe went up against three generations of Flashes before his eventual death in The Flash #134 in 1998. Of course no one truly stays dead in comics so after his “death”, his brain patterns were recreated using an AI, hence becoming an antihero.

The Thinker was a tech-enhanced villain, integrating a number of high-tech gadgets along with a group of cronies. His most famous toy was “Thinking Cap”, a metal hat that could project metal forces.


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