Scarlett Johansson Talks Number Of Characters In ‘Infinity War’!

So Avengers: Infinity War still has quite some time before we see it in theaters, but we do know a few things so far. One of which, is that the film will boast a crazy number of Marvel superheroes in it, as they try and take on Thanos. The exact number? Who knows, but thanks to Scarlett Johannson, we’re a little closer to the answer!

Johannson recently spoke about the upcoming film, and dropped some information about a specific scene within the movie.

Alright.  I’m in it [and] at one point, I do think that the Infinity Wars – there are 61 or 62 marvel characters in it.  There’s a lot. In one particular scene, I think there’s 32- there’s a lot.  There’s so many of us.  I don’t even know who’s a Marvel character and who’s a crew member, honestly.

Over 30 in one scene, and over 60 in the entire film? If these numbers are accurate, the movie is going to be loaded. We know a slew of the characters already. Each film introduces a handful more, and who knows which will make it to Infinity War, and which won’t. In addition, we will probably be getting some new characters who have yet to appear on the big screen.

This may or may not prove to be advantageous, as it could just end up being bogged down with too many characters, or too much going on.

On the other hand, Marvel isn’t new to the game. More than likely, they’ll find a good balance for the final cut.

Check out the full interview below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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