New DCEU Movies Intro Confirms New Characters To Come!

Jun 03, 2017

For those who have watched DC’s most recent installment to the DC Extended Universe got to witness the following awesomeness:

Now, while the new DC intro for its movies is undoubtedly spectacular, it does bring to question, who are all the united heroes in the end? We’ll start off with the obvious ones: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and it even confirms the one character everyone is curious about – Green Lantern.

This is when things got quite complicated and rather surprising too. We know the DC Extended Universe is only just beginning, and we know it’ll be a large universe… but holy crap! Seeing this in the big screen was extremely ensuring and satisfying, as it told fans and the audience that the DCEU is only just beginning. Nonetheless, most of the heroes have either been faded out so not to reveal too much and keep a surprise element, but let’s try to make it out as many as we can!

We’ll start from left to right. Far left, we see Hawkgirl or perhaps Hawkman, and what seems to be Batgirl. Far left, it’s rather clear that’s Green Arrow aiming his bow with a quiver on his back and what appears to be a hoodie. Next to him is possibly Shazam considering the yellow symbol resembles the lightning symbol Shazam wears. In front of Shazam appears to be Catwoman. Of course, next to Catwoman is the human machine, otherwise known as Cyborg. Now, this one is interesting, behind Cyborg appears to be Black Adam, who as we know is a villain so it is curious as to why he’s united with heroes. Next to Cyborg is The Flash. Far behind Flash, it would seem that’s Firestorm that’s floating in mid-air with what appears to be fire igniting from his hands. We have the trinity who are centered in the middle, behind them though is Green Lantern, and on Batman’s side, we see Aquaman. Next to Aquaman, we see a possible Yellow Lantern, perhaps Sinistero, which again is surprising considering he’s a villain. Lastly, we have Nightwing next to Sinistero!

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