All New Information On Wonder Woman 2!

Jun 07, 2017

Warning! For those who haven’t watched Wonder Woman, it’s best to avoid reading further as there will be spoilers!

Wonder Woman has been receiving an enormous amount of love from its audience and rightfully so! The movie has broken box office records in just its first weekend and leaving us wanting a sequel. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation on Wonder Woman 2 just yet, Patty Jenkins has stated that she would love to return for a second movie.

I’m not a big obligation person when it comes to art. You want to do a movie like this because you believe in it. Then I had this revelation in the middle of the night: this is your dream cast, you’ve created a character that you love and you can say anything you want in the world right now. Then I realized that Wonder Woman 2 is its own great movie. I made Wonder Woman. Now I want to make Wonder Woman 2. It’s a beautiful story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.

Furthermore, late last week, it was revealed by Jenkins that the sequel may be taking action in the period of the 1930’s.

I’m definitely planning something more interesting using that period of time. Definitely, it’s the plan. I can’t say what it is! But it’s definitely right in the pocket of what you’re talking about.

Jenkins had also stated that the setting of the sequel could very well take place in the United States.

The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right. She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time.

While the 1930’s/1940’s America was a fascinating place and time, it was also not the place of the front-line of the war – which essentially is where you’d expect Diana to be. It’s possible that this is a specific narrative choice that comes as a result of Diana losing Steve Trevor at the end of Wonder Woman, hence leading Diana to distance herself away from mankind.

Patty Jenkins On Whether Steve Trevor Will Return!

Having spoken with Fandango, Patty Jenkins was asked whether Steve Trevor could end up returning in a future film somehow. The tragic death helped motivate Wonder Woman to end the wraith of Ares towards the end of the movie. In saying that, according to Jenkins, Trevor doesn’t look like he’ll be returning…

All I can say is it was a dilemma,” Jenkins said. “It’s something I hope we don’t talk about in the public [because] I want people to see, but it’s very hard to know which characters will be in the next movie because of the time period, so it’s a big question.

Wonder Woman is simply a global hit! In addition to the historic $100.5 million that it earned at the domestic box office. International grosses at 55 markets amounted for $122.5 million this weekend, giving the movie a global opening of $223 million.

The international numbers are higher than many other superhero films including: the first two Thor and Iron Man movies, both Guardians of the Galaxy volumes, and Man of Steel. 

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