Arrow Season Six Premiere Review!

Oct 13, 2017

After waiting five long months for our favorite Arrowverse shows to finally return, they are now here… with disappointing premieres. Other than Legends of Tomorrow, the other Arrowverse shows have been a letdown soon far, and Arrow was no exception.

While I didn’t think The Flash season 4 premiere was good, I really hoped Arrow would live up to the hype. Unfortunately, this was not the case and for many reasons. Let’s talk about the season 5 finale of Arrow. Adrian Chase blows up the island and we are led to believe that there would be many casualties… and we were horribly misled. Much like The Flash, Arrow failed to capture the consequences of the actions of their previous season finale. Samantha’s death was predictable and extremely rushed, one moment she was walking fine and the next she falls over and dies without any sign of real struggle. The show had a great opportunity to finally get rid of characters that were no longer needed, for example; Quentin Lance, Thea Queen, Curtis Holt, and even Felicity Smoak. Now, I do understand the show-writers are too cowardly to kill off someone like Felicity but at least be gutsy enough to kill of characters that are there for no good reason. It felt like the show really just threw away the intensity and the anticipation of the island blowing up which is a shame because the writers could’ve done something surprisingly good.

My next big issue with the episode is the flashbacks. The episode tries to feed as much information in the flashbacks as possible. However, this is a bit of an issue when each flashback scene lasted only about ten seconds. The pacing was awfully rushed and it just felt disjointed, quite frankly I felt like the flashback scenes weren’t that necessary and only took up time from the present-day story. One of the things I was looking forward to is not having to watch flashbacks every season, however, the premiere wasn’t short of flashbacks. The editing between present day and the past felt really poor and made the quality of the episode much worse. And were we seriously meant to believe that Thea was dead in the scene when Oliver is taken by Slade to see her?

Nevertheless, the entire episode wasn’t awful, it definitely had some good moments that are worth mentioning. I really enjoyed the fight scene at the start of the episode. Oliver shooting arrows from the water and the jump he performs when leaving the water looked really cool and was well choreographed. I also really enjoyed that they showed Diggle struggling to move on from what happened on the island as that was the only aspect they showed that reveals that the island blowing up did have some affect. The relationship between Oliver and his son, William, was actually not too bad, which I was afraid would be something that drags down this episode. It’s also worth mentioning the scene when Oliver jumps to save Renee looked really awesome and it just felt so smoothly shot.


Unfortunately in the case of the premiere, the good does not outweigh the bad. One of the things this episode tries to do is get you to feel sorry for Quentin Lance. Now, over the past five seasons, the show has had one story for Quentin… and that’s losing his daughters over and over. Only this time he’s attempting to save Black Siren aka Laurel Lance Earth-2. Despite the good acting by Paul Blackthrone, it is just difficult to care about someone who goes through the same kind of issues every season and it just becomes predictable. I really hope for the sake of this season that this isn’t going to be something the writers continue with for the entirety of the season. It simply takes away from the other stories that could be told and takes away screen-time that can be put to for better scenes.

My last complaint is about the overall episode. As I was watching the episode, it just didn’t feel like Arrow. The premiere just felt disjointed, the acting was not good in this episode, the dialogue was cliche and cringe especially when it came to Black Siren, and the entire episode just felt odd. It didn’t feel like I was watching Arrow anymore and that’s a shame because the show picked up well during season 5. The twist at the end with Oliver being caught as Green Arrow is overdone now and again, it’s predictable. Throughout the run of the show, that story arc has been told approximately three times. Once in season 1, season 3 and now season 6. It really feels like the writers are running out of ideas which wouldn’t be the case if the writers got some inspiration from actual Green Arrow comic stories. While this was only the premiere and perhaps the rest of the season gets better, this episode left me worried about what comes next. Overall, I rated the episode a 5/10.

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