Review: HERO KILLER #5


The final issue of superhero murder series Hero Killer is out now, wrapping up the first arc of what’s been a brilliantly twisted, chilling and dramatic story.  (First review here!)

It’s been a while since the previous issue, so it’s exciting to return to the world of Hero Killer. When we last left off, Detective Marquez had the killer in her sights and the superhero ‘Sea King’ was caught in a death trap. This issue picks right up at the cliffhanger, and throws us off the route we might have expected.

Abreu and Tunkiel’s art reaches it’s best level alongside the opening issue, and McDougall’s dialogue in particular is great. On the art note, something I’ve really loved (and pointed out before) through this series is the contrast between the grounded and mundane street-level aspect compared to the colorful, more idyllic side of the super-powered heroes. It really creates the feeling of two separate worlds in one, both enhancing the other and the comic itself.

This final issue offers less of a conclusion than you might expect, but does enough, also setting up and creating a new status quo among characters that really makes things really interesting for a second volume. We’re really looking forward to whatever comes next.

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HERO KILLER is available now on Comixology.

From Markosia Enterprises comes Hero Killer; a dark, graphic tale where superheroes are the victims of a killer that is always several steps ahead of them.

A serial killer targets Earth’s greatest heroes, while the detective charged with bringing him to justice must fight against those she wishes to save.

The Bug has been brutally murdered and New York homicide detective Lieutenant Shelly Marquez is on the case. However, she soon meets resistance from the superhero community lead by Captain Power. She stubbornly continues with the case against orders, knowing that the heroes are out of their depth. They are used to bringing down costumed supervillains. This is something far worse; a killer that will not stop till every last superhero is dead.

Hero Killer #1 is launching on Comixology on October 26th, so make sure that you don’t miss this dark and murderous twist that highlights the superheroes as nothing more than expendable, vulnerable victims.

Hero Killer was conceived and is written and lettered by Tony McDougall. It is penciled and inked by Martinho Abreu and coloured by Justyna Tunkiel.

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