Join Our Team

Hello everyone out there in comic book land!

Comic Book Global is a two and a half year old passion project that has evolved through many stages to the point we’re now a thriving community with just over 135,000 Facebook followers from around the globe and have managed to become a recognizable name in the  online comic book fan circles. We are growing faster and faster everyday, and naturally as we grow we need to expand our staff to keep the content fresh and flowing!

We are a content driven community that covers DC Comics, Marvel Comics, X-Men, Star Wars, and so much more. I would like to take our operation to the next level, so I am looking to add the following positions to our staff:

As of right now, we are accepting staff on a volunteer basis. The pros? You have a chance to share your love of comics and movies with tens of thousands of other like-minded fans across the net. We want people who want to love what they write about.

I am not looking for just anyone though. The right person must possess the following characteristics:

  • A HUGE passion for (and accompanying knowledge of) comic books, comic book movies, the characters, the TV shows, and a true desire to share that passion with others.
  • The ambition, consistent work ethic, and drive to turn your passion into an actual job (I will personally stop at nothing, and I want that same attitude from ALL of our team members).
  • Experience in the position applied for – News and blog writers must have some sort of WordPress writing or blogging experience, and social media contributors have to have a basic knowledge of Facebook Fan Page management and a strong sense of time management. Please do not apply without some sort of writing samples.
  • Strong knowledge of the English language and the ability to write and communicate efficiently.
  • Enough time to contribute to Comic Book Global on a daily basis.

Does this sound like you? Either drop me an email at, message the page on any of our social media pages, or you can even message me personally on Facebook:

(Please do not forget to include sample writing pieces)

I very much hope to hear from the right people soon, because I want you to be a part of Comic Book Global! Thank you all for your continued support,


Joshua Behr

Founder/Owner of Comic Book Global